Learn to Swim Adults Class

When you are an adult and have not learned to swim the thought of lessons can be daunting. My adult swimming class begins by helping my student swimmer feel easier in and around the water. To help them lose their fears is the first step in learning to swim. I follow a proven process and advance only at each individual’s pace. I recommend that the adult student begins with private sessions which enables me to give the attention and help needed in the initial phases of learning to swim. Swimming is the sport that once learned, you will be able to continue and enjoy throughout your life. I have had many adult students who never had the time to learn swimming when the children were younger. Now they are able to devote the time to learn and are excited to add a check mark to their “bucket list”.

Recommended Swim Gear for Adults

This gear can be purchased on Amazon.com or www.Swimoutlet.com click on the gear tab

Goggles-your choice

  • Speedo hydrospex
  • Tyr nest pro
  • Speedo
  • Tyr

Snorkel Mask (in addition to your goggles)to be used with your snorkel and you won’t need nose clips https://www.swimoutlet.com/p/speedo-hydroflight-mask-43139/?color=37825 

Snorkel for triathletes https://www.swimoutlet.com/p/mp-michael-phelps-focus-swim-snorkel-8130833/?color=11949

Paddles https://www.swimoutlet.com/p/speedo-nemesis-contour-paddles-8138184/?color=11590

Pull ball for working on keeping arm out in front https://www.swimoutlet.com/p/dolfin-kickball-8135783/?color=210

Training fins    https://m.swimoutlet.com/p/sporti-silicone-swim-fins-8148926/?color=11933

Mesh equip bag http://www.swimoutlet.com/mesh-bags-c10054/

Infants, kids, teens and adults can all participate in Swim Lessons. Choose from day, evening and weekend swimming class schedules designed to fit your busy life.