Swim Class Prerequisites

To enroll in the “Intermediate” swim class, your child should be able to comfortably swim 15 feet without the aid of a flotation device, face in the water, and breathing as needed.

Swim Class Description

In the “Intermediate” swim class, your child will learn how to swim the formal strokes of freestyle with side breathing and backstroke. The Freestyle Side Breathing skill may be the most important skill one learns in the learn-to-swim process. The “Intermediate” swim class is drill-oriented with unique skill progressions for the following:

  • Kicking with the Kick-board
  • Back-Kicking
  • Streamline Kicking
  • Backstroke
  • Freestyle
  • Upon mastering the “Intermediate” skills, your child will advance to the “Advanced” swim class where he/she will learn to swim Butterfly and Breaststroke.

Supplies for swim class:

1. Swim goggles- Click Here to Purchase Goggles From Amazon

2. Swimming Cap- Click Here to Purchase a Cap From Amazon

Extra Equipment:

Swim Fins- Click Here to Purchase Swim Fins From Amazon

Over the counter ear drops are available at CVS, Walgreen’s, Star Otic, Water Baby, Swim Ear, or Auro Dri

Infants, kids, teens and adults can all participate in Swim Lessons. Choose from day, evening and weekend swimming class schedules designed to fit your busy life.