Coach Kathy works with kids on basic pool safety before advancing to skills and technique

Choosing the right Swim Program…Why it is so important!

You have probably all heard people talk about learning to swim as not just a sport, but also a life saving skill.  This is so true! Especially living in Chicago which has so many bodies of waters, pools, and lakes close by.  So getting into a swim program that allows your swimmer to enjoy the process and where they learn correctly is really important!  Learning to swim with good swim technique and also learning to be safe in the water takes time.  This process also takes a good swim program.

Learning to swim is a marathon…not a sprint!

You will often hear that phrase when speaking to other parents who have had their children in learn to swim lessons.  Babies, toddlers, and children do very well in small group lessons when they are learning to swim.  Most children really like their lessons and look forward to seeing their swim school friends each week!  This is key to keeping the swimmer interested and happy to come swimming each week.

What makes up a good swim program?

The most important part of a great swim program is that safety is emphasized.  Also having well trained instructors whose main goal it the swimmer’s safety and skill progression.  We believe children learn best in small classes with peers of similar ability and age group – the group dynamics reinforce lessons, allow students to learn from each other and, for young kids, offer valuable social and emotional development benefits also.

Allowing children to progress at their pace and their ability is very important to building a child’s confidence and their fun in the water.  Working on monthly goals and

watching the swimmers begin to master these swim skills is rewarding, not just for the swimmers, but for their instructors as well and their parents.

Training our swim teachers to recognize how each

swimmer learns is one of the keys to successful swim instruction.  We believe that one of the best ways to teach is to create a trust between swim instructors and their students.  We achieve this by keeping the same instructors

with the same swimmers.  Making sure there is good rapport between swimmers and instructors really helps keep a great learning atmosphere during swim lessons.

Swimming is considered a life sport! When you are 90 you can still swim!  That is why we feel giving our young swimmers a great start is setting them up for a wonderful

lifetime of enjoyment with this wonderful skill!

If they’ve learned through our lessons where they jump in and turn right around and hold on they’re gonna be safe.