Kids Swim Lessons

Why should you keep kids swimming all Winter?

Let’s face it, we live in Chicago and maybe if we are lucky we will have 4 or 5 months of good weather from May though September. People often think that swimming is a summer activity. That is not how we do it in Chicago! It is important to understand that swimming is a year round activity here in the Windy City! There are many reasons why it is important to keep those kids in the pool all year long.

Keep up with what they have learned!

We see that children (and adults) will not always remember what they have learned in just their past lessons. Kids typically swim 1 time per week and that is why we review the different swimming skills they have learned each week. We build on those skills as they move forward.

If the swimmer is out for several months they are playing “catch up ball”! People who are from colder climates know that the cold weather shouldn’t prevent you from continuing your swimming. Getting your child proficient and safe in the water will be expedited if you continue their swim lessons through the colder months.

Winter exercise

Often the cold weather prevents children and adults from being outside and participating in outdoor activities. That is again why swimming is such a great activity for you or your child. We hear everyday how “hot” it is in the pool area! I love going into the pool area from the cold outside as It is so warm and feels like summer in the pool area. We see our swimmers come in and even during snowstorms, can enjoy their warm and inviting pool time in the winter! People, not from colder climates ,believe that swimming in the winter will make their children get sick, Swimming in winter poses no threat to children with functioning immune systems. As long as you quickly and thoroughly dry your child and change them into warm clothes, they are no more at risk from catching a cold after swimming than they are after a bath.

Benefits of regular exercise in the Winter Months

Regular exercise helps keep the body, including the immune system, strong. Studies conducted in Germany indicated that year round swimming children are actually healthier than their non-swimming friends. Another important aspect of swimming year round is year round swimming ensures that children do not forget skills learned between their summer swim sessions.

Keeping your child out of lessons for 8 months per year will simply prolong their achieving the safe swimming that we want to achieve.

Plus, lessons all year allows new skills to be taught at their most advantageous developmental age!

Is Winter Swimming causing you or your child to get sick?

Getting colds and flu from exposure to cold air during the winter is just an old wives’ tale. There is no scientific evidence that this is a factor. Colds and flu are generally transmitted by casual contact with an infected person. There is more likelihood they will catch a cold or flu from a sibling (or from you) than from swimming. One rule of thumb to follow: if your child is sick, keep him/her home to minimize exposure to others. This common sense rule applies to ANY time of year, not just in winter.

As we sighted earlier, Germany has done studies on kids and the regular exercise that swimming will provide, will reduce their incidents of cold vs. their peers who quit exercising during the colder winter months.

Keep your Kids moving in the Winter

I know that when I had 3 children under the age of 4(yes I am proof that you can survive that) I took my crowd swimming in the winter at least 2x’s per week. The important thing to keep them healthy is to make sure they are dry after they get out and get dressed. Also, make sure you dry their hair and get that hat on them! Many of my Swim moms bring the kids pj’s to their late afternoon lessons. They shower them, dry their hair, and dress them in their pj’s and boots for their trip home. One less step for mom’s when they go home. One more important fact, is that the little babies and toddlers sleep so well after their lessons. What mom won’t like that!

If they’ve learned through our lessons where they jump in and turn right around and hold on they’re gonna be safe.[/vc_column_text]