Kathy Crowley, professional swim instructor

Bilal Ansari,MD

Kathy Crowley Kelly is my swim instructor who has tremendously helped me in my Ironman races. I started with the Chicago Triathlon finishing 800 meters in one hour and 20 min. and then the Arizona Ironman in 2012 finishing 4300 meters in one hour and 45 minutes. Her techniques and her commitment to her students is tremendous. She comes to an individual’s wave length and tries to understand their problem and then helps them accordingly. I strongly recommend her. I have been with her for the last one and a half years and have enjoyed every moment of my training with her.

Joy Williams

I totally LOVE Kathy! She is the best swim coach and really cares about her students! I couldn’t say enough wonderful things about her. Great attitude!

Sue A Rutherford

If you are close to Chicago or have grandkids or children near by give them the gift of the loving the water and safety in it. Everyone should learn how to swim! She also works with advanced swimmers and techniques for triatheletes too.

Joon Park

Kathy’s private coaching and Masters Swim class helped me get ready for my first non-wetsuit Ironman 70.3. She is also coaching me through my first Ironman swim. I highly recommend Kathy regardless of your swim experience – she has done wonders for my swim technique!

Jeanne McNamara Conkin

Kathy is a wonderful swim coach and she is so great with the little ones!

Eadie Wetzel Hansen

As a former Olympic swimmer and a World Record holder I can enthusiastically recommend Kathy as a swim teacher and coach. She has a great way with swimmers of all skill levels.

Frank Cheers

Kathy is a knowledgable, fun, and professional coach.

Doug V

For someone like me, who does not take instructions well, Kathy is a great instructor and very motivating coach.