Triathlete Private Swim Lessons


Triathlete Private Swim Class Description

  • Adults only
  • Private swim lessons


Triathlete Swim Stroke Technique and Race Strategy

Tailored swim sessions designed for each individual athlete focusing on improving their stroke technique and race strategy which will help them improve their time. Swimming with your whole body, improving your breathing, your balance, and making you more streamlined and dynamic in the water is the goal. Leaning how to swim in different water conditions and preparing for different race conditions will enhance your overall race performance. Through drills and proven skill progressions you will experience the feeling of effortless swimming and see how the often “dreaded” swim portion of the triathlon will now be much more fun and position you to improve your triathlon performance.

Infants, kids, teens and adults can all participate in Swim Lessons. Choose from day, evening and weekend swimming class schedules designed to fit your busy life.